The Inference Economy for Web3
Machine Intelligence Network to generate autonomous onchain agents.
Streaming inferences for smart contracts
Models meet high performance benchmarks, secured by validators
Aggregated inferences across multiple top performing models
Zero knowledge proofs verify model integrity
Inferences can be consumed seamlessly through smart contracts 
We are building a self-sustaining Machine Intelligence Network
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The most efficient way to use ML in your dApps
Time and cost savings.
Outsource ML problems and data needs to talented data scientists and engineers. 
High-quality inferences, always.
Zero knowledge proofs verify that inferences originate only from top performing models.
Full composability.
Enhance operations with modular, consumption-ready inference feeds you can mix-and-match to integrate into existing data workflows and infrastructure.
Decentralized sources of truth.
Mitigate bias by accessing inferences from a range of diverse models from multiple, independent modelers.